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Resources: Braided Interviews

Braided Interviews brings the inclusive power of Braided Meetings to a recruitment interview.

A recruitment interview is essentially a business meeting with some specific characteristics. There are normally just two participants so there is no opportunity to ‘hide’ by deflecting attention to somebody else. And there is always a significant power imbalance: the interviewer is always the chair of the meeting, controlling what is discussed and the consequences of a good or bad meeting are always more significant for the candidate. Unsurprisingly to many neurodiverse candidates, for whom a regular meeting is already hugely challenging, a recruitment interview is an almost impossible task.

With Braided Interviews you can offer candidates the opportunity to shine in an inclusive discussion. Just like a traditional interview this is a synchronous session, with a start time and an end time. Just like a traditional interview you, as the interviewer, control the questions, both the initial questions and the follow up questions. So you can fully explore the candidate’s depth of understanding, flexibility and ability to think quickly. But it is all delivered in an inclusive setting in which the candidate is much more likely to be able to fairly showcase their talent.

It uses the same unique carousel structure as Braided Meetings, with each Braid carrying one high level question or theme for the interview. As the carousel rotates the candidate can provide an initial answer, the interviewer can consider the response and pose a follow up question. This process continues on each Braid until the interview is completed.

As with Braided Meetings the process is an extremely efficient use of time and, at the end, the interviewer has a full written record available.