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Braided Meetings

Transforming the future of work with technology built for astronauts

Everybody Communicates Differently

“I have always been included at work but I rarely felt like I belonged. Especially in meetings. I am autistic and meetings have always been painful. Listening to multiple loud voices competing against background noise is exhausting. Neurotypical communication through inference and implication is a huge effort to decipher. A genuine barrier. I have many good and novel ideas, but traditional meetings make it nearly impossible to share them in a live discussion.”

Braiding is powerful, efficient and easy to use

Braiding is a brand new tool for virtual collaboration that embraces diversity of communication and gives everybody an equal opportunity to contribute.
Content is shared on a virtual carousel with multiple panels or Braids.

Everyone sees the same carousel but at any one point in time each person will be looking at a different Braid and so contributing to a different topic. They can read and respond to previous comments without interruption. As the carousel rotates participants receive and respond to fresh content from others.

Braiding is refreshingly different

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