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Braided Interviews

Introducing the world’s first synchronous inclusive interview tool

Traditional recruitment interviews stop you from hiring the best person for every role

Attracting the best people is imperative so you want to recruit from the broadest possible pool, including neurodivergent talent.

You have worked hard to create a recruitment process that embraces those who think differently – but the interview itself is still a barrier.

Many neurodiverse individuals will struggle in a face-to-face or video interview. An asynchronous email ‘interview’ is currently the only inclusive option but it can take days to complete, putting the neurodiverse candidate at a further disadvantage.

You need a better solution, you need Braided Interviews

Introducing the world’s first synchronous, inclusive recruitment interview tool.
Hold real time neuroinclusive interviews with great candidates who would otherwise struggle. Give all applicants an equal chance to shine and ensure that you can always get the best person for every role.

Braided Interviews are inclusive by design

Speak to our team to see how you can use Braiding to create effective and inclusive meetings and interviews.

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