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The future of deep space communication

What is Space Braiding?

In future deep space missions the distances are so vast that there will be a delay in communication with Earth. That delay will vary from a few seconds at the Moon to many minutes on potential future Martian missions. Living with latency throughout long duration missions will affect operational communications and also the crew’s personal relationships with their loved ones on Earth.

This is where Space Braiding comes in. We can’t remove the latency, as it is created by a fundamental law of physics, but we can disguise the latency. We can make two people separated by millions of km feel as if they are having a natural, synchronous, dialogue.

The Future

Research into latency and its impact on future crew health and operational efficiency is very much in its infancy but is rapidly accelerating. For example, NASA recently updated its Human Research Roadmap specifically recognising, for the first time, the risk of harm to crew members if they are unable to engage emotionally with their loved ones on Earth due to communication delay. Braided Communications has already created a full suite of relevant research tools to explore the issues associated with high latency communication. We are keen to build further partnerships with industrial and academic organisations to explore these opportunities.

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